Equipping and mentoring local leaders

The Trust works in close partnership with Bill Dixon. Bill is a retired Pastor and has over 10 years experience of bible teaching in Malawi. He has written 7 courses specifically for The Dalitso Trust under the title of Follow Me.

I cycle 13 miles to learn Follow Me. I am in my 6th year and I feel peace when I attend class. It keeps me healthy inside and out, on my spiritual journey.

Mrs Fulose

Bill Dixon remembers how it all started ‘I was with leaders in their homes & villages, often in the middle of nowhere. They had no Bibles, no education and minimal training. They had such commitment, passion and dedication. I felt God ask me to write some material for them, addressing the issues they wanted to understand better & be encouraged in. So it began. ‘Follow Me Training Manuals’ were born.’

Our heart goes out to these leaders who try their best in the midst of very difficult circumstances. FM is a response to this situation; to see leaders equipped, built up & encouraged as they study & make friends with other leaders. Most courses are in cities and once people have spent time there with electricity/running water/work opportunities, they rarely go back to the village, so there is even less capacity then before. Follow Me is vitally important as it trains leaders in their context of rural living, church life and allowing them to farm to support their families.

Baz ‘I was well conversant with FM1. FM2 is sharpening me in every area, especially how to prepare a message.’

Jerard ‘FM helped me discover that whatever I do affects other people, in negative or positive ways. I need to be wise, because others are learning from me, even if I remain silent, my actions speak louder than words.’

Jenifer ‘Before I started I was not aware how I can prepare a message. I was using what somebody had preached and using the same message. Now I know how to prepare, thank you.’

Bill invited us on our first trip to Malawi in 1999. Bill has written 7 FM courses. Each course is written after receiving ideas/requests from staff & leaders on the course. We have over 50 regular students & are starting to run out of teaching space with 6 courses running each week.

Chippo ‘FM makes such a big difference to peoples’ lives. We have students who come every week & those doing FM6 are in their 6th year of learning. Many things in Malawi stop after 2 or 3 years, but FM continues. Bill, thank you so much.’

Follow Me courses run from October to September. There are several agricultural breaks so that course members can farm to produce their maize for the coming year.


  • Teaching biblical leadership
  • Discipling leaders
  • Producing good preachers of the bible
  • Modelling group learning and discussion