Tom and Ali's 1st visit to Malawi

It was a 3 week trip working in rural areas. We returned the following year and something happened to both our hearts on this 2nd visit. We knew that we had to resign from our teaching jobs in the U.K. and return to Malawi to invest ourselves in rural communities - the vision of The Dalitso Trust was born.

phase 1 malawi holiday

3 suitcases & a dream

We arrived to live in Malawi for 2 years focusing on relief work. The more we learnt about Malawi and the culture we began to change our projects to become development orientated rather than relief. We soon realised that 2 years would not even scratch the surface of understanding and discovering helpful ways to help change a nation.

Phase 2 better farming

Training Centre in Malingunde

The vision was to build a resource centre from which a growing team could operate and equip the local community. CHE was started and these values shaped us as an organisation to be able to produce high quality, long term work that lasts.

Phase 1 complete

We are proud to have moved back to the U.K. after 10 years in Malawi, leaving a very capable team to fulfil the vision. In 'Phase 2' we continue to lead, resource & equip the team from the U.K. We are really blessed to have so many great people partnering with us to serve the team in Malawi.

May Team photo phase 4

Our Vision

The Dalitso Trust exists to teach and equip rural Malawians so that they are empowered to lift themselves and each other out of poverty. Through personal relationships that inspire faith the Trust seeks to build capacity in such areas as holistic health, parenting skills, under 6 educational play and church leadership.

Our family values:

  • Vision
  • Commitment
  • Love in word and action
  • Facilitation
  • Teaching
  • Empowerment
  • Community Participation
  • Holistic
  • Relationships
  • Discipleship
  • Long term
  • Integrity
See our vision in action

Team Malawi

A fisherman, a garlic seller, a seamstress and a single mum. Lowly positions by worldly standards, but they represent some of The Dalitso Trust team in Malingunde. The team show a lot of courage to live out their faith as they have been threatened as powerful people in communities do not want everyone to be educated and be able to make their own choices. There is a huge personal cost to the team in Malawi to bring health education to rural communities, biblical teaching to church leaders and kingdom values to families. The team has a varied background of professions and education which brings a wonderful mix of life experience. Everyone does a little bit of everything to build people's capacity and experience, whilst maintaining clear areas of responsibility.



More about Janet

I have recently grown in my leadership skills and I will learn to try and not worry, because worry is a lie from the devil and I will not let him use my ear anymore. Before serving with The Dalitso Trust (DT) I was a person who could not forgive anybody, but through a variety of teaching and training at DT, God has done a great work in my life. I can see that I am completely healed in this area and now I am assuring everybody that I am ready to forgive anybody. 'An eye for an eye' is old story in me and I am praising God for this great work and may His words dwell in me for ever and ever.


More about Chippo

Recently I have learnt about hearing from God; if I make myself busy then I will miss His voice. Ssssh, listen and you will hear…. Before I was quick in decision-making and it was hard for me to listen, so I have been learning to take time and listen more from God. Also I know who I am meant to be, so I have to be the way I am, not copy others. The only person I need to copy is Christ, the master of life.


More about Patterson

I do praise God for calling me to be part of The Dalitso Trust family though which God has changed me a lot. Before I came, I could not think and debate. The Dalitso Trust has helped me to ask why, and now I see myself as a great thinker. Through CHE training, I have grown in asking questions and in every situation I need to know why and understand the roots of the situation. This shows me I am developing my thinking capacity.